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As a real estate professional, you need a bio to help sell yourself and your services. Prospective clients want to know about the person they might be dealing with. Are you someone they can trust to represent them? What are your specialties and credentials? Prospects also like to know a little bit of personal information about you. Including small details about your personal values, family and hobbies helps to convey the essence of your personality. A well-written bio can help you attract the kinds of clients you want. At Real Biz Tools, we write real estate agent bios that make you look great! *See below for details about pricing.

Here's How it Works:

Order Your Bio

Your order begins when you book an interview appointment. On a date and time of your choosing, we'll call you for a 20-minute telephone interview. 

You Review the Bio

We provide the finished bio to you for your review. You'll have 48 hours to approve the bio or ask for revisions.

You Publish the Bio

Once you're happy with the results, we'll email you a final copy that you can publish wherever you wish, such as on LinkedIn, Active Rain, your business real estate website or anywhere else.

Read Sample Bios

Real Biz Tools is the only real estate agent bio writing services company (that we know of!) to offer bios done by a professional bio writer. Kate Supino has interviewed hundreds of professionals in various fields over the course of ten years. Prior to coming to Real Biz Tools, Kate Supino worked as a real estate agent bio writer at Top Agent Magazine. You can view some sample bio work written by Kate here.

The Details

1. Reserve an interview date and time by clicking here. At this time, you’ll be asked to place a deposit of exactly half the cost of the bio. You’ll also be asked to let us know the best telephone number to reach you for your interview.

2. Next, you’ll receive a call from Kate on the pre-arranged date and time. You’ll be asked several questions over the course of about 20 minutes, give or take. The purpose of a telephone interview is so that Kate can enough information to write an accurate and flattering bio for you.

3. Within 72 hours, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your bio is ready for review, with a link to where you can view it on a private page of the Real Biz Tools website.

4. You’ll have 48 hours to either approve the bio or ask for revisions. Revisions are done in a timely manner and they are free of charge. 

5. Once you’ve approved the final version, you’ll be charged for the 2nd half of the bio fee. After that fee is paid, you’re free to download the bio and publish it wherever you like. 

*Pricing: Professional real estate professional bios are $300. The first $150 is due upon initiation of the interview appointment. The second half of $150 is due upon final approval of the finished bio.


The Bonus!

Did we forget to mention the bonus you get when you order a real estate bio from Real Biz Tools? After you’ve approved your final bio and finished the payment process, you’ll receive a valuable referral code. You’ll be automatically entered into the Real Biz Tools referral program. This entitles you to earn money for yourself and your friends and colleagues whenever they buy a bio from us and reference your unique referral code! You can earn up to $5,000 using this referral code again and again! Go here to learn more.

Do you have any questions about ordering a real estate professional bio from Real Biz Tools? You can send us an email or click the chat button on the lower right hand corner of any page. We’ll get back to you right away!

Where Do Real Estate Professionals Use Bios?

If you’re in the real estate industry, it’s so helpful to have a professional bio written up and ready to go for any occasion. Maybe your prospects ask you to email over a “little blurb” about yourself before they agree to meet you in person. Or maybe you have an opportunity to be published on or in a local real estate magazine. Your bio can be used for your professional page on LinkedIn, Zillow, Trulia or on any other professional real estate site. Whenever you need it, your bio will be ready to use.


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