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Real Biz Tools Referral Program

How It Works

You purchase a bio from us. We give you a unique referral code.

You refer a friend, who uses your referral code to purchase a bio from us. 

You get $50 cash. Your friend gets a $25 discount off their paid bio.

When You Refer 6 Friends You End Up Earning $300 Cash Back!

That's the equivalent of a FREE bio!

and that's not all....

You can use your referral code up to 100 more times, to earn up to $5,000 cash in your pocket!

Here are the Details:

You purchase a bio from us. After you’ve approved your bio and paid in full, you receive a unique referral code from us.

Refer someone else to us. When that person approves and pays in full for their bio, you earn $50 cash back!

Now here’s where it gets EVEN BETTER!

Your referral gets $25 off their paid bio total! You’re doing your friend or colleague a favor by referring them!

So instead of your referral paying $300 for a bio, after their $25 discount, they only pay $275. In turn, your referral ALSO gets a unique referral code that they can use to refer others to us and earn cash back.

To earn all your money back which essentially gives you a free bio, all you have to do is refer 6 people. 6 referrals at $50 for each referral equals $300! After that, if you refer more people, you’re making money! And you can do this over and over, up to 106 times!

Why 106? Because we want you to be able to earn up to $5000, just for sending us paid referrals. After your 6th referral, you’re actually making money on the deal, as well as helping your friends and colleagues save and earn money, too.

*Pricing: Professional real estate bios are $300. The first half of $150 is due upon initiation of the bio telephone interview. The second half of $150 is due upon approval of the final bio.

Terms of the RBT Referral Program

The Real Biz Tools (“RBT”) Referral Program is only valid with bios. No other product or service provided by RBT is subject to the RBT Referral Program. A unique,  identifying referral code is granted after payment in full for a bio by RBT. Referral code is unique and to be used only by the original recipient. Referral code is valid for use up to 106 times. $50 cash back is payable after referred customer pays for their bio in full. $50 cash back is payable via customer’s choice of check, money order, Paypal or Stripe. Bios are payable in two installments, with the first half due upon initiation of interview appointment and the second half due upon final approval of the completed bio. $25 discount for referred customer applies to 2nd payment that completes the payment for the approved bio. For any questions regarding the RBT Referral Program, please email 


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