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Do you have a new or existing website that you need content for? As a real estate professional, your website represents and important extension of your brand. It’s essential that your website content conveys the precise message that you need to generate leads, communicate your expertise and provide visitors with a means to contact you or make appointments with you. Does your website do all that? 

"Real Biz Tools writes website content that drives organic traffic to your site."

Whether you already have a real estate website with Placester or some other company, you still need SEO content for that website. Real Biz Tools writes website content for real estate websites that will help drive organic traffic to your site.

Who Uses GhostWritten Articles?

Most real estate agents, brokers and developers use ghostwriters to write their articles. For one reason, professionals like you are too busy making sales to spend valuable time writing articles. For another reason, just because you’re great at selling real estate doesn’t mean you’re a good writer. At Real Biz Tools, your article is written by a professional writer who earns their living writing quality, original content for your needs. 

You can see examples of ghostwritten real estate articles everywhere. They are in real estate periodicals at newsstands, outside grocery stores, on bookstore magazine racks, and online. You would never know they’re ghostwritten because these articles appear with the real estate agent’s name as the author, with a line or two about their agency or company.

What's the Difference Between an Article and a Blog Post?

An article is a long-form piece that usually appears on a third-party site, such as, LinkedIn, or inside a real estate magazine. A blog post can be short or long, but it typically appears on your own website or on another person’s site if you’re contributing a blog post as a guest writer.

Why Purchase an Article From Real Biz Tools?

When you purchase an article from Real Biz Tools, you get to use your own byline as if you wrote it yourself. You will be able to publish an original, high quality article with you as the author. You own the copyright outright, and you can use it as you please forevermore. You’ll come across to your target market as the intelligent, informed real estate professional that you are.

Here's How it Works:

Order Your Article

You can tell us what topic you want the article to be on, or we can suggest titles for you based on trending keywords.

We Deliver the Article

We email the article to you in 48 hours or less. You have 24 hours to approve it or ask for revisions.

You Publish the Article

You publish the article under your own name anywhere you wish. It belongs to you forever.


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